Olive oil in the Mediterranean diet for good health.

The Mediterranean mild climate and warm earth produce a large variety of products that are the base for that balanced diet called Mediterranean diet by dieticians.

Olive oil is among the basic elements of this diet. Compared to other kinds of oil, olive oil is rich in oleic acid (monounsaturated), which lowers the quantity of bad cholesterol (LDL- cholesterol), causing arteriosclerosis and raising the quantity of "good" cholesterol (LDL-Cholesterol), improving vasodilatation and so working against arteriosclerosi.

Use San Lorenzo extra virgin olive oil to season your life and favour the welfare of your body.

Extra virgin olive oil contains vitamin A, vitamin E and several phenolic combinations acting as antioxidant agents.

In the last few years those diets rich in fat monounsaturated acids (oleic) have been found to be helpful:

Pasta and pane are also basic in the Mediterranean diet: season them with a few drops of San Lorenzo extra virgin olive oil and…enjoy!!!