Extra virgin olive oil


"San Lorenzo" extra virgin olive oil

is a high quality oil which keeps unaltered its fruity flavour for long. The olives this oil comes from are picked and soon cold pressed. This is the reason why San Lorenzo oil has a deeper flavour when it is young, even though it keeps fresh for long. In the first few months after pressing, this oil tastes slightly spicy. "San Lorenzo" extra virgin olive oil is characterised by a medium fruity flavour, typical of cold pressed green olives, and its colour is green with golden reflections. Since these olive trees grow at 700 Mt., they are not attacked by the "oil fly" and this provides another reason for its low acidity, never exceeding 0,5%. (You can find other data concerning the 1999's harvest in Chemical Analysis about San Lorenzo oil).

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To keep the characteristics of this product unaltered, we have chosen dark bottles. We recommend our customers to store the oil in a cool, dark place and use it within best before date.

Our packages

"San Lorenzo" extra virgin olive oil can be purchased in cases six 0,50-0,75-lt. bottles or in a package containing two 5-litre bottles.


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