The Agriculture Company of Madonia

San Lorenzo extra virgin olive oil comes from the best Sicilian olives, grown on high hills on the slopes of Mount Cammarata using traditional organic methods.

Our cultivation and harvest methods have been always evolving respecting tradition, environment, and EEC regulations on organic methods and always taking into account our customers' requests.

Picking the olives at the right moment of their ripening and cold pressing gives an oil of great quality that is guaranteed also by such companies as:Les Oliveries GmbH - Breisach, Venos Lebensmittel Handels gmbh - Frankfurt am Main und "Vom Fass AG" - Am Langholz 17, Waldburg.


We guarantee a high-quality organic product certified by the Istituto Mediterraneo di Certificazione s.r.l. - Senigallia (An) - Italy - recognised by EEC Reg. No. 2092/91


Cultivar and cultivation

The olive trees we cultivate are "Nocellara del Belice", "Biancolilla" and "Ogliarola" which have been growing in Sicily for centuries. With their evergreen leaves, olive trees characterise Sicilian landscape unmistakably, brightening up colours and conveying an image of welfare.

The different kinds of oil we get from these different olive trees have peculiar characteristics: "Nocellara del Belice" gives a deep fruity oil; "Biancolilla" is slightly fruity and "Ogliarola" slightly spicy. The combination of the three of them has always given best results.

That is why the new olive trees we have been adding for three generations to the old ones, always come from the same cultivar. Our passion in cultivating this tree, praised by poets and symbol of peace, is the result of periodical and superficial ploughing of the soil, natural manuring, yearly pruning and exceptional care.

We pick olives when they are still green, just ripe, using manual rakes or pneumatic pickers and drop the olives on special clothes. This method prevents damages to the trees and keeps the fruit entire.